10 Cloud-based Backup Applications For SMBs

by SML Kumar

Small businesses need to have backups and there is a lesser alternative to it rather than cloud backup software. With businesses continuously shifting to the cloud, it is evident that they are secure but disasters are unpredictable. The businesses are rapidly shifting to software hosting services rather than in-house management and this is what leads to the need for backup software.

1.   CrashPlan






CrashPlan is a cloud-based software that protects essential business data and media files with automatic cloud-based backups. CrashPlan runs continuously in the background of a device and provides a constant backup of new files in the cloud.

Features of CrashPlan-

  1. The application recovers from ransomware.
  2. CrashPlan has options for staff support through calls, emails, and chats.
  3. It allows you to restore files from the desktop application.
  4. It offers 256-bit AES encryption security.
  5. The application provides unlimited storage and server protection.

     2. Synology

Synology helps to manage different backups from a single console. It provides active backup and protects workload scattered across Hyper-V, Windows and PC, Office 365, G Suite, and all other software. The software is license-free and provides fast and reliable recovery as well as keeps data instantly available and secure. Also, it bestows active backup and recovery.

Features of Synology-

  1. The software has flexible restore options such as full system restore, file-level restore, instant restore to VMware, Synology Virtual Machine Manager and Hyper-V.
  2. It has a license-free backup.
  3. It allows integration with Microsoft RCT and VMware to perform an incremental backup.

  3. Iperiusbackup

Iperius Backup is a cloud-based backup software for business servers, virtual machines, PCs and databases. The application provides automatic backup of all the data, files and folders on devices like USB drive, NAS, FTP server, RDX drives, and much more.

Features of Iperiusbackup-

  1. The freeware version can be used for all Windows including Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2012.
  2. The software allows saving mailboxes to PST files.
  3. It also supports a range of online storage services like Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.
  4. The software also has an advanced filter to exclude a specific file or document

4. Carbonite

Carbonite is a cloud-based data storage application that prevents the business loss that could be done by data damage. The application has the right amount of adaptive storage tools and features that can help businesses with data security. It has a data backup feature to backup and secure files, images, videos, and any kind of other business data, also keeping them in an off-site location. Carbonite has one different side as compared to other applications as it has separate data centers for data.

Features of Carbonite-

  1. The software has the option of remote access and remote sharing.
  2. It offers video backup, mirror-image backup with unlimited cloud storage.
  3. It allows automatic backup and hybrid backup and also has custom backup policies.
  4. It provides unlimited protection and has a simple installation.


IDrive ensures backup of files and data as per the scheduled updates. It provides backup of current data and also supports backup from both Android and iOS while maintaining data security using 256-bit AES encryption.

Features of IDrive-

  1. It offers tiered backup plans for customers that start at 250 GB and can expand to 12.5 TB.
  2. The IDrive allows physical recovery options and gives a 3TB encrypted hard drive in case of data loss.
  3. It offers multiple device backup and multi-device compatibility.
  4. The software allows external drive backups, automated backup, and remote computer backup.
  5. IDrive provides real-time file sync, data encryption, social media backup, and file sharing.

6. Nexetic Shield

Nexetic Shield is an application that allows backup solutions for Windows And Mac. It helps restore all the data to another computer and allows cloud backup.

Features of Nexetic Shield-

  1. The application provides smart alerts and monitoring backups.
  2. It runs on Windows and Mac and automatically backups files from the internet to the server.
  3. It allows backing up servers to secure the cloud environment.
  4. It is possible to manage all PCs easily in one place.

7. Synametrics

Synametrics is a cloud-based software and synchronization software that helps in backing up data for both Mac, Windows OS X, and Unix. The software prevents the third party from accessing your files and it synchronizes files to multiple PCs.

Features of Synametrics-

  1. The software allows taking cloud snapshots.
  2. It allows the sharing of files to one or more projects with multiple users.
  3. Using this application, it is easy to create backup snapshots to Google Storage, Amazon S3, and Microsoft Azure.
  4. It helps in publishing files from a centralized location to other computers with the same LAN or across the continent.

8. Altaro

Altaro provides a virtual machine for micro-businesses and runs without complex configurations and software dependencies. It allows backing up huge volumes of data in less time.

Features of Altaro-

  1. It provides Continuous Data Protection and enables backup data frequently.
  2. You can take your backed up data into azure account.
  3. It allows data automated data verification.
  4. It also supports two-factor authentication and protects credentials and accessible resources.
  5. With Altaro, it is possible to manage the VM backup from a cloud-based console.

9. Backup

Backup is a cloud backup service that provides huge restoration with built-in deduplication and compression. The service is used to manage larger machines and applications with convenience.

Feature of Backup-

  1. Backup protects huge data with a simple dashboard.
  2. It can be used for backing up data from physical as well as virtual servers.
  3. It is fast and it quickly backs up the server.

10. Backup Radar

Backup Radar is an application that provides a centralized monitoring and reporting platform for small businesses.

Features of Backup Radar-

  1. It automatically updates the dashboard for backup data.
  2. It can be added to ConnectWise and Autotask platforms tickets.
  3. It stores daily, weekly, and monthly backup reports.
  4. It supports more than 200 application integrations.
  5. It sends notifications by sending emails when the backup is not completed.

With these backup options available it is easy for SMBs to have a regular backup of their data and necessary files. Since there are other options available, for a change a lot of SMBs prefer software hosting like QuickBooks hosting services so that their work is handled by the services and they don’t have to bother about anything. The hosting services do manage everything from start to finish and this makes them preferable.


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