3 Common Pitfalls that Escalate your Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes Costs

Eyelash Packaging Boxes

At times it seems that a huge chunk of your marketing budget is exhausted on packaging production. Initially, things kick off in the right direction, but before you know it, your marketing budget soars to tens of thousands of dollars. And the worst part is, your eyelash extensions are still not on the shelf.

But that’s just how it is, right? Absolutely not.

It doesn’t work this way. The Legacy Printing has helped hundreds of brands save a considerable amount of money on custom eyelash packaging boxes and get back on track. All it took them was to avoid some common pitfalls.

Here we have outlined the three common mistakes that often lead to high custom eyelash box packaging cost. Additionally, there is advice on how you can fix them and free your money to invest in other important business areas.

Engaging Too Many Packaging Suppliers And Makeshift Designers

The product cost can quickly go up when there are discrepancies in the design to print process. For instance, it is often seen that the more packaging suppliers you engage, the higher the chances are that you will see costly errors and duplication of steps.

We believe the best way to move forward in this scenario would be to have a single packaging supplier that also handles the design. This will significantly lower your custom eyelash packaging boxes cost. Plus, you will see fewer errors and duplications when one company will be responsible for transforming your eyelash boxes design into color-accurate and print-ready files for the printing process.

This streamlined approach to the designing and printing process will aid you to complete the task correctly in one go by diminishing errors and reducing the overall costs.

Avoid Eyelash Packaging Box Design Errors and Changes

Sometimes when designing your custom eyelash packaging boxes, you have to go through endless rounds of edits before you rollout the final artwork design for printing. It often happens when your graphic designer fails to set up the artwork files correctly for printing right at the outset. As a result, you have to fix the files later on to get the desired print quality.

Sadly, these amendments can quickly escalate your design costs. It hurts more when you are bearing expensive agency fees.

An easy way to cut the cost is by joining forces with a specialist designer who can quickly roll out the work because they have the print knowledge and technical skills to do the job promptly. Such an individual will deliver the color-accurate and print-ready artwork the first time.

It will eliminate costly errors and prevent your budget from busting.

Finalize Your Pack Copy before Rolling out the Design

When the deadline is looming around, many rushes into rolling out the packaging design before finalizing your custom eyelash boxes’ copy. Sadly, using place text in place of the final version paves the way for expensive rounds of changes later on. To avoid these unnecessary costs, you must finalize your packaging copy beforehand.

But make sure you gather all the packaging related copy like eyelash information, storage info, and etc. ahead of time. Share them with the stakeholders to get their approval before you begin to roll out the printing design.

Taking these measures will bring things under control and allow you to evade the common custom eyelash packaging boxes errors that escalate your costs. More importantly, you can speed up the packaging production process and get your boxes on time. Else, it can delay your product launch, which can further increase your expenses.

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