Top 5 Scanner Apps for Android Devices

Do you know you can use your hand-held device as a potential scanner? Yes, with the advent of technology, our smartphones are so smart that now they can perform many other functions. With the help of a document scanner app, you can turn your device into a portable scanner.

Today, we share five effective mobile scanner apps that will let you scan any types of documents with your Android devices.

Top 5 Android Document Scanner Apps

We understand that everyone wants sharp scans when they use a scanner. So what will be your criteria to identify a reliable scanner app?

What Are The Characteristics Of The Standard Document Scanner app?

Every app will claim to be the best but you can identify a genuine app by keeping these points in mind.

  1. A document scanner app must provide clear, non-blurry sharp scans.
  2. It should also offer post-scan editing filters to edit scans.
  3. Many scanner apps offer the Batch Scan feature, but while scanning multiple images, the quality of scans gets compromised. A genuine mobile scanner app offers the same high-quality scans even when you use the batch scan tool.
  4. It should detect edges, and remove background noise before scanning.

These are the basic scanning requirements that a scanner app should fulfill. Check out these reliable scanning options that will offer high-quality scanning results.


This scanner app for Android devices has uplifted the scanning experience of so many users with its effective features and simple interface.

  • It is one of the best document scanner apps that scans every type of document for free.
  • This is automatically detects page edges before scanning.
  • It offers a robust OCR, which is the most authentic text extractor. also aids to translate the scanned text into other languages.
  • It carefully scans QR and Barcodes.
  • With the ‘Sort By’ tool, you can declutter document mess.
  • With FlashScan users can anytime save, share, rename, and delete any files and folders.
  • Create original or compressed sized PDFs easily with FlashScan.
  • Users also use it to scan the signature and place it on PDFs.
  • Acquire several page-sizes of your PDFS with this app. Choose from-Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, Executive, A3, A4(default size), A5.
  • This PDF creator lets you fix custom watermarks on PDFs.
  • This best scanner app for Android provides remarkable post-scan filters that enhance the results.

Adobe Scan

It is the most widespread name of the scanning industry. Here are some of the main features of Adobe Scan.

  • Users can scan books, bills, business cards, vouchers, etc with this mobile scanner app.
  • It lets you erase spots and undesirable marks to generate sharp scans.
  • You can easily eliminate imperfections and share scans with a single tap.
  • OCR recognizes text from images with high accuracy.
  • Edit your PDF and photo scans, convert it to Microsoft Office, fill and sign them quickly, and send for tracked signatures with Adobe Scan.

Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is another document scanner app with efficient functionalities. It is a common scanner app that offers standard features.

  • It scans all kinds of papers for free.
  • Users can scan bills, receipts, business cards, invoices, etc with this mobile scanner app.
  • You just need to point your device in front of any document and take a clear photo. The app will scan it in a few seconds.
  • It offers different colors and editing filters for better scans.
  • Tiny Scanner provides a user-friendly and straightforward interface.

Simple Scan

This scanner app for Android is perhaps the most simple app on our list. Check out its features.

  • It automatically removes the clutter background, generates high-definition JPEG pictures or PDF files.
  • Simple Scan offers a variety of image processing modes.
  • Users can manually adjust the image parameters as well.
  • With this scanner app for Android devices, you can scan color, grayscale, or black and white documents.
  • It is an easy to use app with a neat interface.

Clear Scan

Clear Scan can be used in office, school, home, and any place you want, as it is the lightest scanner app. It is a free document scanner app that offers the below-mentioned features.

  • Clear Scan offers an automatic document edge detection and perspective correction.
  • Users can access multiple filter options such as photo, document, clear, colour or black & white.
  • Enjoy flexible editing that enables you to edit a file even after scanning.
  • You can effortlessly handle your files and folders, in order to organize your papers properly.

Concluding Notes

Digitizing essential documents is a wise step to go paperless. Also, we can access such papers anytime anywhere. All the apps mentioned here are professional and reliable document scanners. You can pick the one that suits you the best.

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