Bid Farewell to Oily Hair Forever!

Oily hair is every man’s and woman’s worst nightmare as it destroys the whole look of a person. However, it affects women more than it does men because the former have to style their hair almost every day. And it is not possible to do so with oily hair. Sometimes the only reason why your head is oily is that you did not wash it. So, if you are amongst the people who find washing hair a tedious job, do what I do. I make the best use of my Cox 10 Mbps by playing songs on my mobile while washing my hair – I know it may sound absurd to some!

However, the good news is that it is easy for you to get rid of oily hair with these hacks:

Wash More Often

If you have greasy hair, washing it more often can help to resolve the issue for you to some extent. However, you have to keep a balance between washing often and over-washing. To make it more clear to you, washing your hair every day would be over washing. And that would leave your scalp dry. You do not want that to happen.

However, washing your hair every two days should be sufficient. Neither will it make your hair dry nor will it leave your scalp oily. But if you remain worried about your hair’s gloss and health as a result of washing frequently, apply conditioner. It softens the hair and makes it easy to handle. Apart from that, your hair won’t feel dry either.

P.S. Never apply conditioner to the roots. It will cause more damage than good. A conditioner is meant to be applied to the tips.

Shampoo Properly

At times, individuals do not shampoo properly. Thus, leaving their hair greasy. Under such circumstances, you cannot blame anyone but yourself. Apply enough shampoo to cover your head and make a lather out of it. Having said so, there is no rule as to how much shampoo should you apply. As the amount would vary according to the hair’s length.

Some of the tips that may help you to apply shampoo evenly and properly include:

  • Spreading a small amount on your scalp
  • Not using fingers to massage the scalp
  • Gently working the applied shampoo into your roots

Pro tip: the focus should be on your scalp and not your strands. Cleaning the scalp ensures that your hair is not oily/greasy. Apart from that, if you scrub your scalp aggressively, it will end up producing more oil.

Go Natural

Indeed, most women cannot imagine stepping out of the house without styling their hair these days. However, you may not realize the damage that you are causing to your scalp and hair by doing so. Apart from the damage that the heat causes, you are also at a certain disadvantage if you have oily hair and you straighten them. Not so fun fact: sleek and straight hair starts looking oily earlier than the curly ones.

Therefore, you should embrace your natural-looking hair and look for tutorials that can help you in styling them more attractively. As the most common reason why women end up straightening or blow-drying their hair is the fact that they are not happy with how it looks.

So, the first step towards going natural would be YOU. Yes. You will have to learn how to be confident and happy about how your hair looks. And carry it well.

Use Suitable Products

Apart from all the above-mentioned tricks, you should also look for products that brands produce for oily hair specifically. For example, if your current shampoo isn’t helping you to stop your scalp from appearing oily, you should make a shift. There are numerous clarifying shampoos available online and in stores. Do your research, ask people who have the same issue, and try various products before settling for ’the one’.

However, make sure to not use these strong shampoos daily. And if you HAVE to wash your hair every day (because workout sessions), keep a mild bay shampoo within your reach as well.

Avoid Products Containing Silicone

Many people do not read the ingredients that a product contains. The same is true for shampoos. However, you should make an effort to do so now if you didn’t ever. And if you come across Silicone as an ingredient in any of the shampoos or hair care products, avoid investing in it. Silicone aids in making the hair smooth and add shine to it.

However, if you have a greasy scalp, Silicone can make it look dirty and oilier. Apart from that, it will also keep the beneficial moisture from getting into your hair shafts.

I hope all these tips help you in having an oil-free scalp. I, myself, have an oily scalp and can swear by each one of these hacks. However, the truth is that some jobs require you to stay all decked up most of the time. For example, a friend who used to work answering calls on the Cox Customer Care phone number told me how she could not go to the office without washing and styling hair every day. Not that her employer asked her to, but seeing other girls made her feel bad about her hair. Such circumstances may cause a problem, but there is always a solution!

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