Convert your dried flowers into something better

Convert your dried flowers into something better

Flowers have become a major part of our celebration no matter what the occasion be we all include flowers in some or the other form. If not natural then it would be artificial but flowers would be there. The most interesting fact about flowers is that they are not only used in the beauty industry but also mostly all the dried flowers, have medicinal uses too.

One of the most amazing things what is that you can not only use them in their natural form but once they are dried there are several other uses of these same flowers and that is why today for you all I decided to bring something interesting, that means almost all the times we have dried flowers in our home whether we got them as a gift or use them in decoration or they were a part of our God and now they are all drives off then we think what should be used them for so that’s why today I’m going to tell you how exactly can you use these dried flowers into something better –

1) Tea and Edible Decorations 

We all are aware that natural flowers especially like hibiscus, lavender, rose, butterfly pea, and chamomile are famous for their relaxing and teas. If you ever had these dried flowers definitely would make up for a perfect gift for your loved ones because all you need is airtight bags and labels. Put the flowers in an airtight bag and just label them and then send them off to your loved ones then they’ll be very happy. And to add on to their happiness order online flower delivery  and gift wrap these flowers with pink and blue tassels.

You can also use the same dried flowers to decorate your cakes or to add flavor to the icing of your cake so if you are interested in getting the flavor of these dried flowers, then make a fine powder out of them and then add the Powder into your icing but make sure it’s not more than A pinch or to otherwise whatsoever the flower maybe it will become bitter. And lastly, you can also for dried flowers on top of your take to dress it into an autumn kind of look.

2) Cleaning and Freshness 

keeping your house clean and fresh has become the need of the earth and of course, we might be putting our heart and soul into cleaning but quite often the thing is that our house would be clean but it will not smell fresh because of certain reasons. And this is where you are natural dry flowers will come into use.

So whenever you have to clean your house just a night before adding to the water a mixture of these dried flowers and then use it for cleaning along with other additional liquids. And as far as the freshness of your house is concerned I am sure that you might have at least one or two kinds of essential oils so all you need to do is in normal water add a mixture of at least two essential oils and add several dried flowers, you can also use one at a time. You can infuse it in the sunlight for about 10 days or you can start using it quickly for us again if you are sending a gift to your loved ones to add this as an extra gift.

3) Aromatic Corners 

It happened so many times that we might have a house which has beautiful fragrance but there are several corners in our house which are still left without any fragrance and also even our cupboards might have that same a smell sometimes it is caused because of improperly dried clothes and other times because you might keep your cupboard closed all through the day. So you can just stitch a few potlid bags and then add to them these dried flowers. If you don’t want to stitch these you can go for muslin or mesh clothes and add flowers in a knot inside these and keep them in between your clothes or anything and anywhere you want to place it.

4) Gifting made easy 

Quite often it so happens that we do not have enough things in our house like Monica in “Friends” had to decorate her gifts. And that is why you might have any leftover flowers from any given location like birthdays, anniversaries, parties, Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, etc. Don’t ever throw them away thinking that they are of no use. Exactly when we know how to give gifts to our loved ones, they’ll come in handy. You can mix a few and just add your gift inside the bag. it did not only look classy but whenever the person will open it it would have a beautiful fragrance too. Send flowers to Bangalore, the natural ones along with your gift, the cardinal rule of gifting is to add flowers side by side.

5) Candle Decoration 

There are many ways to decorate your candle using dried flowers one of them is pressing the dried flower into the candle using heat. They look beautiful. And if you do not want to press down the flowers then you can just melt your candle or wax and eat these bright flowers alternatively or consequently. These natural fragrant candles with dried flowers would be amazing and onto the décor of your house and of course you can always break them in at your parties.

6) Bathing Body Essentials 

This use is something that we all are aware of in whichever corner of the world we might be there are several scrubs that we can make using only dried flowers like roses, lavender, chamomile all of these have properties that help in soothing our skin. Not only this you can melt and pour soap out of it as a gift not only for yourself but for your friends and family members and send it along with a midnight cake and online flowers delivery in Bangalore. This would be great surprise health and taste wise for them.

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