Instagram Giveaway Ideas

How Does Instagram Giveaway ideas Help Your Business?

Instagram certainly marks the new era of the digital world and Instagram Giveaway Ideas may be the sole reason behind it. Instagram is the social media platform that consists of more than 60% of the total digital population and this percentage is only increasing.

Moreover, Instagram contains more than 25 million active and nourishing businesses and your business can be one of them. We will look at some of the giveaway ideas but let us first discuss the benefits of Instagram to your business.

  • Millions of people are using Instagram and this increasing number contributes to the awareness of your brand.
  • It can help you pinpoint your target audience by displaying its location, age, and all the other important demographics.
  • This is known for its content and thus, your exemplary products will certainly grab attention.
  • Instagram helps you to engage with all your customers and it also provides faster communication.
  • It doesn’t offer simple effects and communication options but it also regularly updates its system to let you get your hands on the latest features as early as possible.

Which Instagram Giveaway Ideas Should You Go for?

Keeping within the laws and boundaries of Instagram, this social media platform offers a large number of giveaway ideas to promote your products and services. You can choose whichever idea you want to choose that you think is the best fit for your business.

There are some of the top giveaway ideas which can choose to mold your business into a better one. These Instagram Ideas are mentioned below.

1. Contest of Photo Caption

This kind of contest allows your customers to show their humor and wit by commenting on your uploaded picture. All you need to do is to take an unusual photo and post it on Instagram.

Tell the people that whoever has the best caption will win a certain product of yours. You can choose the best caption by the number of likes or you can do it yourself.

2. Contest of Like and/or Comment

These kinds of contests are the most common and easiest ones to do because all you ask your customers is some likes and/or comments. However, it is better to ask for comments to enhance your lead-strategy and attract some high-quality marketers.

3. Contest of Tag a Friend

This kind of contest is the best contest to generate some new followers and expose your brand to a bigger audience. In this contest, you will ask your followers to tag a friend or two in your post, and in return, they will win a certain prize.

4. Contest of Trivia Questions

Trivia questions are those questions that are related to your business, not to your products. You can ask various questions about your business and whoever tells you all the right answers, he/she will win a prize.

In this way, those who don’t know about your products may start looking and ending up acquiring a lot of information.

Which Role is played by the PR Agency?

A PR Agency is known as the Press Release Agency which takes care of your press releases at every point. Press releases are the most beneficial way to promote your products and services in the local market.

There are a large number of benefits of this agency. These benefits are stated as follows.

  • The employees of this agency are highly trained and experienced in whatever they do. They provide their services with extreme professionalism.
  • People make impulsive decisions and commit mistakes, therefore, this agency provides a neutral opinion on what you write on your press releases.
  • Words matter. Therefore, this agency not only provides neutral opinion but it also helps to find the right words to attract customers.
  • These press releases increase your foot traffic but only if they are distributed in the right place. Thus, the press release agency distributes them in the appropriate place to the target audience.
  • The agency is in the business for a long time and since then, it has interacted with a large number of powerful journalists that can help to expose your brand better than anyone else.
  • This agency is highly economical and doesn’t prove as a burden on your budget. Moreover, you will have to only for those services which you acquire from them, not all of them.


Undoubtedly, Instagram Giveaway Ideas can give a new shape to your business along with the press release agency but you need to critically analyze all the giveaway. Choose the one that makes the most sense and relatable to your brand.

You also need to be cautious when you approach a new agency because most of the agencies don’t fulfill their promises and leave your business in hanging. Nobody wants that to happen to his/her business. Therefore, we advise you to approach vigilantly.

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