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Increasing Work Productivity While Working From Home During

The coronavirus pandemic is still not over and is posing unique challenges in everyone’s life. Even before COVID- 19, people were going for work from home but only at the time of some family crisis. But now the scenario is such that children are not going to schools and the spouses are also at home. While working from home you may also don’t have a separate room where you can work. You may be sitting in areas like near to the kitchen or the dining or bedroom where there is a continuous disturbance. 

Those who are working for 4 or 5 years are already used to it but those who are new in working from the home environment are quite stressed because working in an environment where there is a lot of noise is quite difficult for you. You are also stressed because of social isolation. In-office you are meeting your colleagues and talking to them on a regular basis but now you are totally isolated from them and there are no more the same daily activities as they were before. Therefore there is a lot of stress and anxiety among you all. The other added pressure in the current situation is homeschooling, taking care of the parents and loved ones, feeding them properly, household works and taking care of proper sanitization process, etc.

Because of these difficulties staying productive while working from home is becoming quite a challenging task for you. Here are some ways to be productive while working from home:

Make a routine

Try making a routine and schedule like there was when you working from your offices. Set up an office space in the house where you can sit and do your work without any hindrance. Don’t forget to include your periodic breaks like those you were having in your offices such as coffee breaks or tea breaks. Try establishing a predictable routine in this unpredictable crisis and stick to it.

Stay connected

Although you are in social isolation but you have a large number of options through which you can stay connected with your near and dear one. Try applications like facetime, skype, WhatsApp video, and audio calling and google hangout, etc. Talking about your fears, anxiety, and concerns with the people you trust will help you stay mentally healthy. Most probably they may be feeling the same way as you are.

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Strong immune system 

Keeping your immune system strong will help you maintain good mental health as they are all connected to each other. Take a balanced diet, vitamins, and a good amount of sleep.

Exercise and stay active

This is considered one of the most important way to get rid of stress and anxiety you are going through. In this sense, it is not only good for your physical health but also your mental health. Exercises like walking, stretching, planks, and jumping jacks increase the endorphin hormone which reduces stress.

Limit the consumption of media

Avoiding the continuous consumption of media to reduce stress, anxiety, and fear is also very important for you to stay mentally fit and healthy.

Set work schedules

When you are working from home, make sure that you have fixed your work schedule. Working for more hours can be tempting but it is not good for your mental and physical health. When you work from home you don’t realize timing and continue working for long which is not good for your health. It can create problems like neck pain, backache, headache, etc. So try setting your work schedule and follow that.