Homework Harmful or Helpful

Is Homework Harmful or Helpful

The term homework often brings a frown when we were kids. The myth is that homework was first invented in 1905 by Roberto Nevelis of Italy, the amount of homework and the education system has come a long way, more inventions lead to higher levels of education and intensive learning. Homework has always been stable and stationary as part of our educational system. Does homework really play a part in helping aid proper education? Or is it just a practice! Let’s first see a few studies that show the benefits of homework. 

Homework Harmful or Helpful

1] Interaction with parents: 

When children take-home assignments, the parents also get involved and this allows them to follow up on what his / her child is learning at school. Homework also allows parents to take note if any learning disabilities are faced by their kids and would be beneficial to go through new strategies to help their children learn better. 

2] Learning time management and study habits.

When students are given homework and expected to submit it on time, homework tends to help students develop certain good traits that are useful in life in the long run like discipline, managing time, independent behavior, and problem-solving skills. 

3] Revision and Practice

We all have heard the slogan “ practice makes perfect ” not all brains are meant to grasp any solving skills or remember anything in one go, practice works a long way and homework encourages to practice what the kids have learned in school at home. Thus providing them a better understanding.

Besides having a lot of pros to why homework is good there is an equal amount of disadvantages to it too. Let’s see what this site has to offer. There are multiple reasons why homework is found to be bad for you?

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1] Stress

Recent studies have shown that more than half of the students in the survey have mentioned homework as their primary mode of stress. Only 1 percent of them said yes to homework. There are two major reasons triggering that stress one is the deadline that every homework comes with and secondly the consequences they have to face if the homework is incomplete or wrong. Few other children also say the inability to complete their homework and wrong homework answers leads to humiliation in front of their fellow peers in class.

2)Health Issues 

Believe it or not, homework also causes health problems in today’s students, an excessive amount of homework leads to headaches due to constant thinking, mood swings, and insomnia due to lack of proper sleep and also few chronic diseases in the long run. Children whose schools tend to give more homework than the usual amount of homework that has to be given spend their little free time feeling exhausted.

3) Missing Out Childhood

Schools nowadays are very fast-paced and children study more than we used to in our school days. Too much time is spent in school then homework, this leads to the child missing out on having an active upbringing and a contracted social life. Outdoor activities are limited further turning them into couch potatoes and never take part in extracurricular activities. Few students also face communication problems in their later period of life. 

So it is true that homework is beneficial, there are lots of reasons why homework is necessary for playing a very significant role in helping students achieve good knowledge and upbringing their grades. This debate of if homework is harmful or helpful has always struck back and forth between students and teachers. 

The solution to this is “ Too much of anything is good for nothing”  we need home work to be something kids can like and enjoy , perfect amounts of home work should play a positive impact on students and not turn into a total nightmare, teachers should make sure the total home work does exceed for more than 2 hours. Because as equal as education is vital for good upbringing so is their stress free childhood. Balancing the homework gives a lot of positive outcomes and helps kids benefit from them. 

So this coming to a conclusion as to if homework is harmful or helpful, giving in moderation helps and excessive only leads to stress and bad learning habits such as copying and byhearting instead of understanding and implementing what you learn.

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