Remote Working Leading to the Online Shopping

Is Remote Working Leading to the Online Shopping Boom?


Remote Working Leading to the Online Shopping Boom? If one goes by a general understanding of the COVID 19 attack, the conclusion would be that most of the population prefer being locked up in their residence and trying to play safe from the lurking virus. It also indicates that they are not stepping out of their homes and thus have stopped spending money.

This was true during the 100% lockdown times, but the situation has changed a lot even though these times of self-imposed lockdown as the world witnessed a rise of online shopping.

Remote Working:

Remote Working Leading to the Online Shopping

This is a term that has become quite popular in these past seven months.  It is otherwise called “Work from Home” (WFH).

Many business enterprises did not lose much time after the initial shocker. They planned and asked their employees to work from home.  Even though every business concern cannot implement this rule, many computer-driven and web-aided resumed work without much delay. This innovative concept has caught on and has experienced repercussions, although many were useful and not harmful.

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Online Businesses:

Remote Working does not mean that people do not earn. On the contrary, it meant easy shopping online as stepping out to buy had its dangers.

The personnel who worked from home were the main reason for the surge in online shopping. Let us discuss this further.

The first indications came out; when Amazon made a statement, they required no less than 100,000 employees to manage the rise of online shopping.

They were keen on supplying essential goods only, including hand sanitizers, soaps, groceries, etc. and experienced the initial online shopping boom.

The truth was that Amazon was finding it hard to cater to the Non- essentials as they were called. They were placing massive orders for retail products as well, and it was the first step towards Remote Working Leading to Online Shopping.

There are a few products most ordered that led to the rise in online shopping statistics. They are listed as below:

1. Lounge Dresses:

As people were not traveling anywhere and confined to home working, loungewear or home wear came into demand and translated into an online shopping boom. Track pants, Nighties, casual shorts experienced almost a 40 % higher demand and led to the rise of online shopping statistics.

2. Alcohol:

Remote Working Leading to the Online Shopping

Staying at home, recreation, and relaxation time increased with the resulting alcohol was ordered online more, and that witnessed the rise of online shopping in that sector.

3. Electronic Household Equipment:

Remote Working Leading to the Online Shopping

Stay at home meant increased food consumption. The existing refrigerator could not hold on to many items, and the demand surged for them too.

4. Physical Infrastructure:

Since remote working was the day’s order, people working from home had to redesign their homes as the ambiance was required.

Therefore, desks, chairs, and tables had to be purchased to set up an office from home, and the furniture industry saw the rise of online shopping.

5. Office Equipment:

Remote Working Leading to the Online Shopping

The computers and the laptops accompanied by webcams became necessities to work from home and report to the superiors.

Wi-Fi also was a sought-after service, as the highest of speeds were required to expedite work.

6. Goods & Services:

Remote working is not relaxed working, and snacks were unavoidable. The visits to the canteen or café were halted, as online food delivery increased manifold.

7. Gym Equipment:

Remote Working Leading to the Online Shopping

Physical workouts were essential to many who worked from home. And thus online shopping  of gym equipment was on the rise.

8. Groceries:

Even though there was business happening online for groceries, it accelerated and doubled.

9. Mobile Devices:

Remote Working Leading to the Online Shopping

Remote working requires the latest Smart mobiles too. The demand for new mobile phones also surged, and the rise of online shopping statistics reflected 30 percent.

10. Zoom Calls:

Remote Working Leading to the Online Shopping

Zoom calls are the order of the day, as it conveniences reporting from home. Only a small percentage had used it before. Now the demand for Zoom has grown exponentially.

11. Expenditure by Corporate:

With the spread of the Coronavirus not willing to abate, companies, especially multinationals and IT related, encourage their employees to work from home.

This translates into the companies’ modernization, too, as the setup has always been traditional. The orthodox way of operating is when the professionals come to the office every day and perhaps work remotely from their work stations.

Therefore, the infrastructure never permitted or was not sufficient when decisions were taken for their employees to work remotely within the city.

Every company had to invest in buying extra systems, and the orders were on a massive scale.

12. Cyber Protection:

The corporate had to deal with yet another menace too; Information. The data was not confined to the offices anymore, and in fact, it was traveling more than ever witnessed before.

New cyber protection technology was to be installed, which meant expenditure and business for online traders. Thus the vulnerability had to be stifled at all costs, which contributed to the rise of online shopping.

13. Air Conditioners:

Working in a corporate or IT related business meant working in an air-conditioned atmosphere. Many homes do not have the faculty to air-condition two rooms, which has now turned into a pseudo office.

The necessity to work in a cool atmosphere arose by default, as systems required a cooler environment. So, Air conditioners were shop online by those who needed them at home.


The Coronavirus has now left its footprint everywhere. It’s been more than seven months since the World has woken up to this pandemic.

Retailers in the USA have witnessed a rise in online shopping statistics at 68% in mid-April revenue compared to just 49% in January this year (2021).

More impressive is the joint rise in online shopping statistics of 146% in E-commerce when you combine Canada and the USA.

The trend certainly works from Home till the day the vaccine is discovered and distributed. Until then, homes would be offices, and infrastructure must be ordered through online shopping companies only and would lead the spike.

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