Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Futuristic Smartwatch (Bluetooth, 40-44 mm)

Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Futuristic Smartwatch is the best smartwatch in India, a futuristic watch with all the new technologies fed in such a beautiful small device and this will give you a luxury feel (door to another world), this watch not only track your exercise but also give you every health measure.

This new model of Galaxy Active 2 comes out with exciting features, this time size of the screen is one size larger than the last model (i.e. 40mm and 44 mm). Also, we can customize it according to our needs. This new model takes you to the heaven of new technologies.

A question that arises when you buy any smartwatch is – Does this device have all the features that we need or not? And answer for this is yes in this watch you are getting all you want, and you can easily customize it with your needs. This is the watch that can track your activities while walking, running, swimming, sleeping, exercising, etc.

Another approach that human asks from a good smartwatch is does it can track my heart to be healthy? again answer is Yes it can track your heartbeats that can make your life healthy and happy. This small device is best to be used in this pandemic time of COVID19 in which it will track you and your activities and help you to stay fit with numerous amount of features (like IP68 and 5atm water and dust resistance ) and more advanced technology sensors used in it. SO, Stay Fit! Stay Active! Stay Healthy!

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  • This new version of Samsung i.e. Galaxy Watch Active 2 comes out with a super AMOLED display screen with customizable features.
  • Approximately, there are 39 trackers where 7 trackers are automatic.
  • This comes out with the water-resistance feature which can be tracked up to 50-meter depth under the water.Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Futuristic Smartwatch
  • Every device is best known for its connectivity, as this device comes out with Bluetooth 5 which is also compatible with Android devices as well as IOS (9 and above) compatible iPhone devices.
  • Its screen display size is 3.46 cm (1.42 inches) which is a pretty good size for any wrist in look, with a screen resolution of (360*360).
  • This futuristic device can track 24/7 activities done by you (in the full day and night format) as it also has 4- stage sleep tracking system and has different sensors like HRM that can trace your anxiety and stress.

New Features and fitness tracking sensors:

  • This smart device will give you accurate readings of your heartbeat by using a Heart Rate Sensor inbuilt in it and can give ECG (with due 2020).
  • While we swim we want any to note lap and time, here this device is your friend which will track the time and laps which will help you to track your activities and improve your skills.
  • As this new technology device alarms you and give alert with an efficient way to use a new feature named FALL DETECTION ( now don’t be worry when your balance of the body goes wrong and you fall here is the device that will Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Futuristic Smartwatchhelp you).
  • This Active2 smartwatch has brilliant sensors with tracking of all 39 workouts you are doing for your body fitness.
  • It will track your location as it has Global Positioning System in it (if you miss this will find out and reach back to you)..

Better battery performance:

  • This device has a better battery life, which comes out with the outstanding battery backup of 248 m AH- 341 m AH, with the size of 39 mm – 44 mm (varies with model).
  • It has a long-lasting battery life of 48 Hrs. ( I.e.1-2 days battery backup depending upon work) in one charge which makes it different and better from other

Best Software:

  • Looks like Samsung made it perfect by giving Samsung One UI interface which gives you a better experience, better Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Futuristic Smartwatchfunctionality, and better performance to operate this cool device.
  • Here, Tizen operating system gives a better edge but a little bit lack due to it, but this update will come soon to clarify it.


About Connectivity (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE):

  • This device contains Bluetooth-5 feature with 1.155 Gigahertz, with dual-core Exynos chipset (9110).Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Futuristic Smartwatch
  • Having Long Term Evolution (LTE) model with 3.8 gigabytes storage and 1.25 Gigabytes random access memory.
  • Its high Wifi module storage comes with 766-768 megabyte random access memory (with 2-4 GB storage).


Galaxy Active 2 is the best smartwatch with its amazing and most loving better feature than the previous smartwatches.  Better feature with good quality gives us a right and smart choice in selecting a smartwatch you want or gift to your beloving friends. This makes better connectivity with both android and iOS devices (Apple iPhone). This is the best watch that supports voice and text translator in 16 different languages which makes it to use worldwide.

Believe me, this device is one level up in technology that can store and track your activities in the phone by connecting through Bluetooth use data, and the internet by using the Wi-Fi feature. This is one of the futuristic smartwatches which also have great features like Samsung Pay, so the dude is cashless. You can now buy it from the link given on amazon with the best price. Myself experiencing this luxury device which helps me to be active also helps me to be fit and healthy and helps me to live a better lifestyle in this pandemic period COVID19.

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