Things to Take Care of Before Your Website Goes Live

Launching a website can be both an exciting and daunting task at the same time.

Whether you’re planning to redesign your website or creating a brand new one or

simply moving your website to a new CMS, there are a lot of things that need to be

taken care of. To make sure that nothing goes wrong during your website launch,

here’s a checklist that can help you out with what you should do when launching a


Things to Be Done By Web Developers

Before going live, checking whether all the URLs of your website pages are

functioning properly or not is a crucial task that your web developer needs to take

care of. Checking the performance and speed of your site is also important. You

also need to make sure that your web designer has ensured that your website is a

responsive one and completely ready to be accessed on multiple devices.

Things to Be Done By the Marketing Manager

While your website is still offline, your marketing team needs to make sure that

your website has its unique and engaging selling propositions along with all the

necessary advertising strategies on the place. To ensure a fully functional website

after launch, don’t forget to set up your email marketing tool and CRM tool for

processing and managing the orders placed by your customers.

Things to Be Done By Editor and Copywriters

Even if your website lacks appealing designs, it should never lack solid content as

engaging content is the backbone of any website. Hence, make sure the copywriter

and editor appointed to take care of the content department of your website come

up with value-adding, plagiarism-free, factual content in the right format. Creating

social media accounts for your business and a content map to guide your website

visitors are also must do things before website launch.

Things to Be Done By System Admins

A website that isn’t regularly updated, managed, and secured, fails to provide the

users with a great online experience. Hence, you need to make sure that your

system admins take care of the loading tests to make your website capable of

dealing with heavy traffic, security measures to provide your users with secure

online transactions and site monitoring plugins or apps to help you know instantly

if there’s anything wrong with your website.

Things to Be Done Regarding SEO

If there’s only one thing you can do before going live with your website, it should

always be making the website browsing an easy and pleasing experience for your

users. Easy access to your web pages and content is sure to have a positive impact

on the users. Apart from this, don’t forget to check for duplicate content and make

sure that your website has search engine friendly URLs. Keyword mapping and

optimization of the content and Meta tags need to be checked as well. Consult with

a Web Development Company Sydney for ensuring a perfectly flawless website launching.

The above-mentioned checklist gives you the idea of the general yet significant

things that need to be checked and done before announcing the existence of your

website to the world.

3 Hacks to Crack Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing has really made it easy for companies to shrink their

marketing budget. Affordable and relatively easy to get verified results, a lot of

businesses seem to be missing out on online marketing. Here are 4 of the

simplest hacks to crack internet marketing –

Generating Web Traffic

To attain a set return on investment (ROI) generating traffic onto the site’s main

marketing web pages is very important. How to do so? Some of the most

effective tools include

 Google AdWords

 Bing Ads

 Yahoo Local Works

Other approaches include associate programs and guided website marketing.

Research other sites that have the same types of audiences and discuss

satisfactory ad rates for an effective internet marketing operation.

Website Directory Listings

Before starting off with an internet marketing project, making sure that the site

that is being promoted has been listed in the top website directories is crucial.

The top website directories include –

 Google My Business

 Bing Places

 Internet Yellow pages

In case a marketing page that is not in the central directory of the website is

being used, making sure that the main website is listed is very important. This

safeguards that users can keep discovering these off-directory marketing

webpages even after the campaign have been launched.

Compelling Offers

Research what other similar companies and websites are offering. When a

the website offers something unique, totally different from what others are currently offering, users have an added reason to learn more about the company and do business with them eventually.

The ability to target detailed audiences and effortlessly track the ROI is far

superior to what traditional marketing methods offer, only when internet

marketing is done in a proper way. Click here to get more secret hacks from

internet marketing experts. They have years of professional experience in this