Top 5 Best Pro Travel Packaging Tips

Travel always gives a mind fresh and relax. If we plan for any long trip and vacations, most people still confused about what to pack or what to not. They always make mistakes in this work and always take tension in the journey. People do not let you feel very confused about any trip and follow these essential tips of Packaging that make you feel very relaxed. If you want to book your cheap Airlines Tickets, then visit Delta Airlines Reservations site to save you both times and money. Following are some essential “Travel Packaging Tips” that everyone must follow:

  1. Basics: Always start packing from one side of the bag to the other. Some people prefer packing the perimeter first and working towards the center of the bag—both work. But if you are into simple, secure, and straight forward, pack one side to the other.
  2. Rolling: This method is just what it says – each piece of clothing rolled before it packed into a bag. It is also the easiest and most straightforward of all the ways to pack. It was moving of clothes before packing also keeps them the least wrinkled of all the packing methods. Since it’s so simple, you can make mistakes and still get your clothes to your destination in decent shape.

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  • Follow these Packing Steps:
  • Step 1: Pack large pieces of clothing like pants or slacks, blazers, jackets, and dresses. Fold them to a manageable size – like they were going into a drawer – then roll and pack. Place items snug against each other but not too tightly into your bag as you go.
  • Step 2: Shirts, shorts, and sweaters next. These can be big enough to fold first then roll and pack.
  • Step 3: Shoes & sandals, Wear your shoes. Slip sandals into a plastic bag and pack them by “sandwiching” them lightly between rolls of clothes.
  • Step 4: Accessories, Soft accessories such as a hat, scarf, or gloves go in next. Add the umbrella and any other rigid items. Use the soft details to cushion them.
  • Step 5: Underwear and socks go in next. Use them as more cushioning between accessories and toiletries.
  • Step 6: Place toiletries into a zippered waterproof case or zip lock bags. Group types of toiletries together in each pack – like sunscreen with lotion if there is a leak. Use several bags or circumstances rather than stuffing all of them into one. A few containers are more comfortable to pack than a single bulging one.
  • Step 7: Finish. Add whatever else you have.
  1. Extra Tips:  
  • Place items you will need immediately in the outer zip pockets: Book, snacks, iPod player, Gameboy, magazine. Your camera should go where you can keep an eye on it: either inside the bag or in an outer zippered pocket if it is raining where you’re headed place your umbrella in a side pocket or at the top of your purse so you can grab it when you need it. The same goes for cold-weather items. Make adjustments and pack your hat, scarf, and gloves where you can quickly get at them when you need them. Cash, credit card, ATM card, etc. go into your money belt. Wear them. Sunglasses, chapstick, tickets, passport in your waist pack, and wear it in front. 
  1. Interlocking: This method of packing works best with flat, thin bags. Sure, pockets lend themselves to this method. They are typically called “executive” luggage and tend to market to the mobile business traveler. A lot of wheeled bags with handles packed this way. Each piece of clothing is folded into another as the bag filled. The result is a smooth, single interlocking unit of clothing inside the container: accessories and loose items laced in between folds.
  • Method Tips: Lay one piece of clothing out flat into the bag. Add another piece partially over it – try ½ coverage. Then fold the first piece over part (another ½) of the second. Add a third item 1/2 over the second. Fold the second over the third and . on until all your clothes are packed. The result is a weaving of all your garments within the bag. Once you get this down, follow the Packing Steps above to place items into your wallet. Interlock each piece of clothing as the bag fills.
  • Vacuum Bags: 
  • This method of packing reduces the amount of air in clothes. You vacuum pack your clothes into plastic bags. The result is a series of compressed packages that slip into your wallet. Also, carry some to travel from bus by Book Bus Now.
  • This method can keep clothes fresh and clean the longest. It also can give you more packing space if you are packing a bunch of compressed packages. The downside is that if the clothing bags have too much air in them, the clothes will have a lot more wrinkles.
  • There are vacuum systems you can purchase from travel accessory stores just for this purpose. People who use these systems swear by them.
  • The do it yourself model is with large ziplock or self-sealing plastic bags and a wood dowel. Fold each item of clothing, slip it into a container. Put the bag onto a solid surface and place the dowel at the tight end. Roll the dowel across the bag until it reaches the open end. Seal the bag and lift off the dowel. You are rolling the air out of your clothes and sealing the bag up. Try a few practice bags before you start packing. 

Follow the Travel Packing Steps above when filling your wallet with these packages.

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