Top 5 Parental Control Apps 2021

If you ask me about the modern age parenting, then I must say it is the hardest task to perform. In the past years, parenting was easy because there was no concept of internet freedom. Kids used to watch TV shows, play video games on a single device present in the house. But now, internet freedom and digital device addiction had made parenting difficult. As we know, every problem comes with a solution and so is internet freedom.

The solutions include content filters, built-in parental controls, third-party parental control apps, etc. If we talk about iOS, then it provides the first-hand approach to add the content filters and provide set the screen time option. But android device parental control does not provide in-depth monitoring. People want to track every single activity of iOS, which can only happen with the help of a third-party approach. But where you can find the best parental control apps?

Well, let’s check out our top 5 parental control apps list 2021 to get efficient kid’s monitoring services.

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Being an advanced and efficient parental control app, TheWiSpy ranks in our top 5 parental control list. It is a non-intrusive app that provides many advanced features, including geofencing, Contacts and Logs, 24/7 Instant Alerts, Email and Online Activities, WhatsApp monitoring without root, etc. An easy-to-install app let the parents can monitor the kid’s online activities remotely at affordable rates.

Norton family premier 

iOS and Android Compatible 

With a user-friendly interface, Norton provides a package of advanced features to handle the kid’s online activities. An easy to manage tool allows the parents to monitor the children’s online activities, online reputation, and restrict access to inappropriate websites. It is more efficient for android phones than iOS devices because it has limited access to the iPhone.


iOS and Android Compatible 

Teens spend most of the time on the social media platform, and this is the reason we have come with the Bark, a social media monitoring app. An easy-to-install app allows the parents to track every online activity and gather the data. In case of any suspicious activity, the end-user will receive the alerts for examples in case of cyberbullying, violence, etc. Now, parents can use the Bark app to trace their phone calls, text messages, YouTube Content, etc.

ESET Parental Control

Android Compatible 

A proper package of features allows the parents to keep an eye on the kids, and help to learn where they spend most of the time. The basic version of the ESET parental control lets you set the time limits, app blocking, etc. But if you want to track the location and gather the data for every running activity, then you need to buy its premium package, which costs $30 per year.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

iOS and Android Compatible 

Kaspersky Safe Kids is the user-friendly parental control app, provides full-time access to the kid’s device. This app provides you access to the active location with its geofencing features. If you want a cheap plan, then you can get help from Kaspersky safe kids because it provides the best parental control features at affordable rates. Unfortunately, it does not provide a wide range of iOS monitoring.

Final Thoughts:

Once you decide to spy on your child’s device, then make sure your kid knows about the parental control app. Yes, it is important to tell them, otherwise, it will cause trust issues, which can affect the parent-kid relationship. Educate the kids about cyber potential dangers and shows them your good intentions behind the use of third-party apps.

Monitor the kid’s devices and never let any bad apple to trap your children!

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