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What are The Career Options After 10th Class – A complete Guide

Have you passed 10th grade? Do you want to achieve a job shortly after completing matriculation? If yes, then this article will be useful for you. Here, I have listed some good job opportunities after the 10th. Additionally, I have made some additional suggestions regarding my decision and topic. I hope you benefit a lot!

First of all, let’s find out if going for a job after 10th is a good option. Read on to know more –

Going to a job after 10 right. Is this the best option?

According to me, this is not the best move! In this world of cut-throat competition, a matriculation certificate has given you a great job! With this qualification under your belt, you will have to compromise for low-paying work. I don’t think you will be able to obtain, permanent job in the private sector with this eligibility!

My advice – quit studying after 10th class! You have to struggle a lot for the rest of your life! If needed, try to get a government job after the 10th. At least it is permanent and the salary will be decent!

In short, if you cannot do without a job, try to secure a government job. There are posts for which the 10th pass is required (according to educational qualification). That way, you will get a stable, permanent job that has the added benefit of job security! Let us examine the kinds of jobs possible for 10th pass students. They are here

Job opportunities after 10TH

Broadly, you have two main types of jobs after the 10th. They are –

First, let’s talk about private-sector jobs. With the Matriculation Certificate, you will be able to do entry-level and menial jobs in private firms. The salary will not be good, it will be a basic amount.

There will be no job security because the job will not be permanent! In short, the long-term prospects are not very good. You will be forced to change jobs every day and then! Now let’s talk about government jobs. Yes, there are many government jobs that 10th pass students can apply for!

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Some notable government sector recruiters are –

  • Indian Army
  • Indian Navy
  • Indian Air Force
  • Indian Coast Guard
  • child
  • Indian Rail
  • municipal corporation
  • Some PSUs

In the above-mentioned places, 10th pass students will be capable to get an entry-level job. For example, 10th pass students in the Indian Army are recruited as soldiers! They are trained and employed by the military! As I mentioned earlier, the posts are entry-level. But at the end of the day, government jobs have a better pay structure and job security. Over time, you can find promotions and earn a good salary.

After retirement, a government will pay you with pension and other forms of payment. In short, you will not regret joining a government job after the 10th! But the main drawback is that you will not be able to move past a certain point (career-wise)!


As I mentioned earlier, I suggest – continue education after the 10th standard. Quit studying after 10th! But if you must get a job opportunities , and there is no other option, then I suggest you to continue studying through distance education! You can use the open school system and complete the 11th and 12th grades. After that, you can pursue graduate degree programs through correspondence!

Otherwise, you can do the job adapted diploma and certification programs after the 10th through distance education. In short, try to balance your job and studies with the help of distance education! This is difficult, but certainly possible.